Why does the AWL need a new shelter?

The current Wingfield shelter and vet clinic is sub-standard and not-fit-for-purpose. The Animal Care Centre will be replacing a rundown and inefficient shelter that was built more than 40 years ago. To keep adding to the building is not a viable option for creating a safe and effective facility for leading animal care.

What’s wrong with keeping the current shelter and simply renovating it?

Due to the current shelter’s various eras of construction, the site provides no clear separation of services. This impacts on infection and noise control, already stressed animals have to be transported across a carpark to the vet clinic, and customers are impacted because adopting and surrendering animals occurs in the one place.

What AWL services are affected during construction?

It’s business as usual for the AWL. Some of our services are being moved to our Edinburgh North location on Hewittson Road during the building works. This will be the temporary home for animals in need, and all adoptions and surrenders along with veterinary care will take place at the site.

What about boarding…..can people still board their pets at Wingfield?

Yes, boarding services will remain at Wingfield and will not be impacted by the development.

Have you had any government support/funding?

This development is entirely funded by our generous supporters, past and present.

The government has been very supportive of the AWL and the important role it plays in South Australia, and we will continue to have productive conversations with them about how they can support us in the future.

The AWL remains dependent on donations and revenue from pet-related services to fund its activities and to ensure it will be providing the best possible care for animals in another 40 years from now.

Has more money been spent on aesthetics and making the place look nice than on animals and their welfare?

Every aspect of the building has been designed with the best practice animal welfare at the forefront, including fear free colours, pen design, and animal interaction spaces.

Improved veterinary facilities means already stressed animals won’t have to endure being sent offsite for treatment anymore, including surgeries and imaging, which is clearly a better outcome for the animals.

This redevelopment will result in more animals receiving higher levels of care and as a result, getting rehomed more quickly

There seems to be a greater focus on cats in this redevelopment – why is that?

The first stages of the Animal Care Centre are focused on the creation of a state-of-the-art veterinary clinic and animal care facilities which will benefit all companion animals.

Dogs will receive increased and improved exercise grounds, and cats will benefit from an improved internal environment.

Any further redevelopment plans?

The Masterplan provides for a staged renewal which will over time deliver a state-of-the-art veterinary facility, new housing facilities for both cats and dogs, a rehabilitation zone, and a new dog reclaim centre.

Will this redevelopment result in fewer animals being euthanised?

AWL strives for zero euthanasia of healthy and rehomeable pets.

The new state-of-the-art facility will feature leading-edge technologies and veterinary care facilities in line with global standards. This will allow higher levels of care and infection control for animals in our care, ultimately enabling more animals to be rehomed.

Is it true that during construction, your capacity to provide care for cats will be limited?

During construction, it will be business as usual. However, both cat and dog surrenders will move from our Wingfield site to our Edinburgh North site.

The AWL regularly reaches capacity to care especially throughout kitten season, and that’s not unusual.  When that happens, we offer alternative strategies to keep the cats safe in their current environment, but we will not turn any cat away in an emergency.

And, again no healthy, treatable or sociable animal is euthanised.

We look forward to being able to provide higher levels of care to more animals with the completion of the Animal Care Centre

How long will the Animal Care Centre take to build?

It’s anticipated it’ll be completed by mid-2020.

Once the Animal Care Centre is built, will the AWL keep operating from two sites?

Yes – we intend to operate services across both sites.

Will the new Animal Care Centre provide public veterinary services? 

No, the surgery and clinic areas are for animals under the care of AWL only. We will continue to encourage pet owners to visit their local vet for ongoing care.